Paul "Motobug" Canavan - Digital Artist

motion graphics reel


Due to my experience, I was contracted to make the trailer for the largest Smash Bros. tournament of 2021, Riptide, as well every subsequent entry as of 2024.

Project M nexus - history of project m knuckles

This eleven minute long video covers the history, details, and fun facts about the Project M character I ended up finishing, Knuckles. Featured in this are examples of my proficiency in motion graphics, transitions, and audio mixing. 

You can't cc Me

Another event trailer, this time for a New York regional called You Can't CC Me. This trailer features a slew of motion graphics, as well as keying, transitions, and more within its 1 minute span.


I was a guest editor for notable Smash commentator and eSports enthusiast Wisely. My video shows knowledge in trimming down large VODs to their highlights while sprinkling in humor using motion graphics, sound bytes, and more.